Gift Registry

What we really want is to share our special days with the people that matter the most to us. But if you were thinking about a suitable wedding present, then we would much prefer experiences over tangible gifts.

As such we have come up with a few things we most enjoy together and some gift ideas around it. We hope they give you a better idea of who we are as a couple and serve as an inspiration.

Food & Cooking

Food brings people together, and what better way for a couple to bond than over a steaming pot! The best recipes are usually not found in cook books but in the minds of our home kitchen chefs! We would love to receive a hand-written recipe of your most favourite dish, irrespective of the cuisine!
We look forward to cooking it together and will post pictures on this website when we do :)

Palate Sensations (cooking classes):
UniQgift (dining experiences):

Travel & Family

Travelling is something that is close to our hearts. It has allowed us to experience a wealth of culture and there is yet more to see! We are planning a Honeymoon to Italy in September - wineyard tours, visiting quaint seaside towns, cooking classes, agriturismo - it is a dream for us both!

Having two different homes in this world, no matter where in the world we are, we hope to always be able to fly back to our families and friends, and we hope to see more of Switzerland in the years to come..

Swiss airlines voucher:
Reisegutscheine Schweiz:

Culture & the Arts

We both love to occasionally view performances of various kinds.. the theatre, concerts, and even operas! Be it in Singapore or during one of our future trips to Europe, we would love to have the opportunity to treat ourselves with some soul food and distract our busy minds.

Sistic ticket portal (Singapore):
Vienna ticket office (International):

In Asian culture it is common and not unheard of to give cash gifts to the couple - called Ang Pao (or "red packet"). In the Indian culture it is auspicious to give sums ending on 1 dollar (e.g. 51, 101). Be sure you have a dollar in hand!