Wedding Attire

"When in Rome, do as the Romans do"

Everyone knows that an Indian wedding is extremely bright and colourful!

If you would like to contribute to the colourful event(s) and are interested to dress up in traditional or modern Indian fashion - we would like to help you out in that department. Let us give you some first-hand advice of the different attire styles and what to wear to which events.

Attire for the Ladies

The options for women are endless! From your three piece suits to sexy lengha cholis and exquisite sarees - it’s not hard to find a style that suits your body type and taste.

Salwar Kameez/Punjabi Suit Churidar Suit (Aline) - ankle length Sari/Saree Churidar Suit (Anarkali, flaired)- ankle length Salwar Kameez/Punjabi Suit Churidar Suit (Aline) - knee length Churidar Suit (Anarkali, flaired)- floor length Sari/Saree

The most common traditional outfit is the Salwar Kameez, also known as the Punjabi Suit. It is a three-piece ensemble, with a shirt called the Kameez, a pleated loose-fitting trouser called a Salwar that is worn with a Dupatta (scarf) to complete the look. This style could be worn for the Maiya or Anand Karaaj.

A variation of the Salwar Kameez is the Churidar Suit. This is again a three-piece ensemble with the difference lying in the style of the trousers. The Churidar is a tight fit trouser that gathers at the ankle to form layers of pleats. The Kameez comes in different styles - Aline or Anarkali (flaired) - and in different lengths - to the knees, midi, ankles or floor length. This style could be worn at the Sangeet Reception, Maiya or the Anand Karaaj.

A decorated anarkali style till the ankle or floor length, paired with jewelry for the Indian Extravagance. A simpler colourful A-line or anarkali till the knee or midi length for the Cultural Simplicity or Desi Punjabi.
(Note: Between the Maiya and the Anand Karaaj, save your more beautiful piece for the latter. It’s the wedding day after all!)

The Lehenga Choli is by far the most sexy and eye catching Indian attire! It comprises of a long skirt (Ghagra) which could be A-line or mermaid cut, a blouse (Choli) and a matching scarf. The lehenga choli reveals the mid section of the woman and hence is not suitable for cultural or religious events. This style is usually worn for dinner receptions held after the wedding day or reserved for the bride - if you would however like to wear it for the Sangeet a light simple lehenga choli is adviced.

The most elegant Indian attire would be the Saree. The word sari is derived from Sanskrit शाटी śāṭī which means 'strip of cloth' which can be draped in various ways around the body. A saree draped well is actually not as revealing as many assume it to be - here’s a draping tutorial link that may be useful. As exquisite as sarees are, they are also a little tricky to manage especially on the dancefloor. However when will you get the opportunity to don a saree but at your Indian friend’s wedding! Wrap up girls! This style could be worn for the Sangeet. Secure your sarees well as we expect you on the dancefloor - it is a night of music and dance after all!


Attire for the Gentlemen

We have not forgotten about our gorgeous men! Though the selection for the men is not as vast as that of the women (isn’t that always the case?) - there is still plenty of styles to pick from.

Bandi with Kurta Bandi with Western Clothes Kurta Pajama Kurta Pajama Plain Kurta

The most common traditional outfit would be the Kurta Pajama. The kurta top (knee length shirt) is accompanies with churidar pants and a stole to complete the look. There is a huge variety to the kurta starting off from very simple threadwork designs surrounding the collar and cuffs - to more festive style in which the kurta is heavily adorned with beads and crystals. This style could be worn at the Sangeet Reception, Maiya or the Anand Karaaj.

A simple Kurta Pajama is ideal for the Maiya or the Anand Karaj which are more humble cultural and religious events. A heavily adorned Kurta Pajama is ideal for the festive night celebration of the Sangeet (Indian Extravagance).
(Note: Between the Maiya and the Anand Karaaj, save your more beautiful piece for the latter. It’s the wedding day after all!)

The Sherwani is a coat like garment which is firmer and more stiff. It is seen as the more formal version of the Kurta Pajama. It is a very elegant outfit when paired with a Stole and the Indian traditional shoes (Juti). This style is usually worn for dinner receptions held after the wedding day or reserved for the groom - if you would however like to wear it for the Sangeet a light simple sherwani is advised.

The Bandi or the Nehru Jacket is a traditional sleeveless indian jacket which closes around the neck once buttoned up. It is commonly known as the Prime Minister Jacket. It has however gained huge popularity among designers of late (we hear Tommy Hilfiger has a great range) and has become a hot favourite Indo-Western look. If the Kurta Pajama is too adventurous or bold - then the bandi is just the thing for you! This style could be worn at the Sangeet Reception, Maiya or the Anand Karaaj. Paired with a plain coloured cotton Kurta Pajama you lean more to Indo look, otherwise paired with a shirt and trousers if you lean more to Western look.



We all know too well that an outfit is not complete without the accessories to complement it! There is a huge variety of accessories that pair with the indian outfit. Apart from the usual western terms such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and we have listed a few more here for you.

Bangles More Bangles Bindi Mang Tikka

Bindis (patterned sticker) are one of the most common accessory to wear. They come in various shapes and forms and are pasted between the eyebrows.

Maag Tikka is an alternative to the simple bindis - the maag tikka is clipped onto the hair and hangs down the mid parting of the hairline. It sits squarely in the middle of your forehead. They come in a few variations - some having a very Greecen look!

Bangles - they come in all colours you can think of and complement the Indian outfit perfectly. It is most commonly worn and if there is only one accessory you choose to do - it must be this. The clattering of the bangles is what makes up most of the sounds in an Indian wedding (I am sure!)

Juti is the traditional indian footwear worn by both men and women. The men’s juti usually comes in brown black or gold, whilst the women’s juti comes in a variety of colours and styles.

Necklaces and earrings of the similar colour tone of your outfit will add a pizazz to your ensemble. But remember to go big!



Last minute options in Singapore & Online stores to shop at

If you’re looking to buy an Indian outfit but have run out of options, Singapore is also an option to buy Indian outfits - after all there is an entire area which is called "Little India". Below are some of the stores we could recommend to purchase your outfits.

Minora Centre, 202 Serangoon Road - Fair, fixed prices and large selection of female Indian dresses on multiple stories, men's selection is limited (except for shoes or Bandis/Nehru Jackets of which they have a full rack of different colours)

Tekka Centre, 1st floor above the food stalls, 1 Serangoon Road - The cheapest place to buy a large variety of Indian clothes - Men's selection, again, is limited but there are clothes to be found. Quality is often "so-so" and Tekka should probably your last resort. Depending on quality, you should try to pay max. 50 SGD for a Kurta, not the 120 or 100 SGD some shops want to "steal" out of your pockets.

Anjkara at The Verge Shopping Mall, 2 Serangoon Road - Limited selection but better quality than Tekka, prices are quite high, so definitely worth bargaining

Appollo Sellappas, 153 Dunlop Street - Multiple stories, probably the best quality for women's Indian dresses in Singapore, men's selection limited, prices very fair and good/quick alteration services

Alternatively, below we have compiled a list of popular online stores that do worldwide delivery (this will not work last minute as the delivery will take minimum 1 week depending on availability of the particular item and shipping address.

Kalki Fashion:
Bharat Plaza:
Utsav Fashion:
Desi Closet:
Missteeq Online:
Your Darzi:
Pernia Popup Store: