Your Visit

For many of you, this may be your visit to Singapore and perhaps your first time at an Indian wedding. For the rest of you, it may be the first visit back home after a long time away. Either way we would like to welcome you and make this a delightful trip for you!

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to spend these special few days with us - we both feel very honoured and excited to have you here!

Attire - What to wear?

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to Indian attires - salwar kameez, saris, kurta pajamas and bandis to name just a few!

So ditch your formal pant suits and dresses - and opt for something new! Don‘t worry we haven‘t thrown you at the mercy of Google. Here you will find more information on the various styles and also where you could purchase them.

Places to go

As many of you know - Marc and I are such foodies - and when you are in a place like Singapore how can you not be! Here we will share with you some of our favourite restaurants for those adventurous enough to try the different cuisines.

Of course we will include sights of Singapore for you to see too - it‘s not only food we are famous for!

Travel & Hotel information

Most of you will be familiar with the airlines that fly into Singapore - and many of you have already booked your flights! (thank you!)

Here we would like to provide you with more information on where is convenient to stay to help you commute to all the functions easily.