Places to go

Venture out and discover Singapore in between the events!

As many of you know - Marc and I are such foodies - and when you are in a place like Singapore where there are endless options across so many cusines, it is hard to avoid becoming one!

Here we share with you some of our favourite food spots, some more adventurous than others, and we hope you find time before, during or after the wedding to try the different cuisines. We have also included a couple of sights of Singapore for you to see too - it‘s not only food Singapore is famous for!

Must-Try Food of Singapore

We had a really tough time narrowing our choices down to just a few. But if we had our hands tied, and only so little time in Singapore - these would be the dishes we would definitely NOT miss!

Hainanese Chicken Rice

There are only a few local dishes served on the menu of Singapore Airlines, and this is one of them! Tender pieces of chicken (roasted or steamed) served with flavourful rice cooked in rich chicken broth along with its characteristic chilli-ginger paste, it is a comfort dish for most Singaporeans. Our personal favourite is the roasted chicken along with an additional order of oyster sauce kailan for a complete meal.
Every Singaporean will guide you to their BEST chicken rice - 5star, Tian Tian, Wee Nam Kee to name a few. We are a fan of the latter. One thing is for sure - there is always a chicken rice store around any corner of Singapore.


A highly popular Peranakan dish, and several variations of it can be found. There is the spicy-sour assam based fish noodle soup called Penang Laksa, and the spicy creamy coconut based variation known lovingly as Katong Laksa named after the district in Singapore it originated from. The latter is our favourite version of the dish - thick vermicelli noodles and prawns served in a rich coconut curry soup with laksa leaves atop! Yum! (If you aren't a fan of cockles - like us! - remember to ask for that to be left out!).
Theres only one place for this & all Singaporeans will agree - Katong Laksa!

Sambal (chilli paste) Sting Ray

Everyone imagines those beautiful manta rays they saw swimming around at the Aquarium at Sentosa - but if you can get past your guilt this is a dish you will not regret trying! We promise you it will not be served up looking anything like your friendly friends at the Aquarium. Sambal coated and wrapped in banana leaf, it is barbecued to a smoky perfection and served with a coating of zesty chilli paste. Known also as "Ikan Bakar", I dare say this is one of our favourite dishes - you cannot leave Singapore without trying this!
Our favourite place for this dish is East Coast Food Village - something up for debate with many foodie Singaporeans who might prefer Chomp Chomp @ Serangoon Gardens.

Hokkien Mee

This dish, like the Laksa, comes in the local Singaporean version and the Malaysian version as well and they go by the same name. Appereance-wise though it is easy to tell them apart. The Malaysian Hokkien Mee utilises a thick noodle and is cooked in black sauce, whereas the Singaporean version of this dish is a duo of noodles cooked in a rich prawn broth and takes on a lighter apperance. It is almost impossible to find the latter outside of Singapore so you must have a try whilst on the Red Dot!
Sukhi's favourite hokkien mee stall is the same one shes been visiting since high school - Gim Chew Fried Hokkien Mee @ Bedok Interchange Food Centre. The old lady behind the wok makes the sauciest hokkien mee you will find!

Fried Carrot Cake

Yes. Fried! This savoury dish is far from the Swiss (Argovian) dessert many are accustomed to. Commonly referred to as 'chai tow kway' in the Teochew dialect, this delicacy can be found in almost every hawker centre. Steamed white radish cooked in egg with delicious condiments - it is truly sinful. It is served black (fried with sweet dark soya sauce) or white (original) - we LOVE the black version!
Hands down the best place for this dish is at Lagoon Carrot Cake @ East Coast Food Village. Absolutely sublime!

Chilli Crab

Chilli crab is one of Singapore's greatest culinary inventions and it originated from a humble pushcart in 1956. The sweet meat of the Sri Lankan crabs (commonly used) goes incredibly well with the tangy sauce it is served in. Chilli crabs are usually eaten along with fried mantous (buns), which are dipped in the luscious sweet spicy chilli sauce and that's why its our favourite! It's a messy affair eating these crabs but well worth it!
Jumbo Seafood ; No Sign Board seafood ; Long Beach Seafood - you can't go wrong with these places! We personally like these seafood places by the East Coast Beach with the view of anchored ships in the horizon. (yes we are proving to be biased eastenders!)


Rojak literally translates into "a mixture" and that's exactly what this dish is about! There are again two variations - the Chinese version which is a mix of taupok (puffy, deep-fried tofu), you tiao (dough fritters) and various fruits mixed in a prawn paste sauce and topped with a good serving of crushed peanuts. The Indian version is instead savoury and consists of various fried items which you can individually select, served with a sweet-spicy red dipping sauce. The Chinese version is Sukhi's ultimate comfort food and what she misses most when away from home. A must try it by our books!
The secret is in the kuah (sauce) & it's so hard to get it right so the best according to us would be: "Habib Power Rojak" at Bedok North Blk 87 for Indian Rojak ; "Traditional Rojak" at Fengshan Blk 85 market #01-56 for Chinese Rojak.

Chwee Kueh

This common breakfast dish is hard to get your hands on unless you are an early riser - most stalls stay open only for as long as there is "stock". These soft steamed rice cakes topped with chai poh (preserved radish) and chilli paste is the best thing to wake up to on a Sunday morning. Sukhi's family fondly calls it "Ko-li-ya" (translates to bowls in Punjabi) as it is steamed in small round metal bowls giving it its distinctive shape.
The family's favourite would be Bedok Chwee Kueh @ Bedok Interchange Food Centre. We recommend only the best!

Malay style Nasi Lemak

This is the weakness of most of Sukhi's aunts and uncles who now live overseas, and it is almost always the first thing they request for when they visit sunny Singapore! Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves, served with a delicious sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts, egg and cucumber slices - it is truly heavenly! A really simple dish yet completely hearty.
Almost every Singaporean will say "There is only one place for this: Changi Village!" - though it is also easily available elsewhere. Nothing beats home cooking and Sukhi's mum & grandma makes the best nasi lemak in town!

Roti Prata

Also known as Roti Canai in Malaysia - this flatbread with curry is a common breakfast and supper dish after a night out in town - though it can be eaten at any time of day! The dough is flipped till its paper thin then folded multi-layered before cooking giving it a glorious flaky texture. It comes in many savoury versions and a few unique sweet (durian/chocolate/strawberry) versions as well. Another dish belonging to the same family is the Murtabak which is essentially prata filled with tender pieces of chicken or lamb served with curry sauce.
The topic of the best prata place is a hot one among Singaporeans - the names Duku Road &, Jalan Kayu most often coming up. If you are in the mood for some fusion try Springleaf Prata Place for their egg benedict prata and their mozzarella & portobello mushroom prata. Sukhi's father's word of advice is to try Chicken murtabak from this Indian-Muslim food stall at 136 Bedok North Street 1


This is Southeast Asia's rendition of the kebab with a few unique twists. The specially marinated skewered chicken, lamb or beef grilled over an open charcoal flame is truly a sight to behold! Served with a sweet-spicy peanut sauce - it goes perfectly with an ice cold Tiger beer. The satays are usually served with ketupat (rice cooked in coconut leave casings), cucumbers and onions for the extra textures.
You can find satay at any good hawker - Newton Circus, East Coast Food Village, Blk 85 Fengshan market, Satay by the Bay. A very trusty local highly recommends stall no. 8 at Lau Pa Sat (the original satay lane of Singapore).


Where to Eat?

Singapore offers a wide range of cuisines and you can make your stomach happy for a mere $4 in a Hawker Centre or during a lavish multiple-course fine cuisine dinner. Below are a few selected suggestions from our list of most favourite places to eat! Many of our visitors have not regretted that we took them there:)

East Coast Lagoon Food Village (Singaporean)

1220 East Coast Parkway, S(440000)
This hawker centre is one of the first few local places Sukhi took Marc to, for him to savour some local dishes. Situated right by the East Coast Beach, these hutted seats are surrounded by a variety of food stalls that would leave you spoilt for choice! Carrot Cake, Sambal Sting Ray, Hokkien Mee, Satay - those are our must-haves with some fresh Thai coconut or a cold local Tiger beer.

Lau Pa Sat (Singaporean)

18 Raffles Quay, S(048582)
This is Singapore's oldest hawker centre and it is located in the Central Business District - a perfect stop for local dishes when you are out and about in the city. At lunchtime, it is thronged with well-dressed executives (by Singapore standards) and come the evening the surrounding street gets closed down for the satay stall owners to set up the "Satay Street"!

Kok Seng Kopitiam (Chinese)

30 Keong Saik Road, S(089137)
Authentic kopitiams are almost a thing of the past in modern Singapore. So this simplistic kopitiam is quite a delight to come by and it has a lovely olden Singapore feel to it. Kok Sen serves up some delicious dishes and our favourites are Black Bean Sauce Beef Horfun, Claypot Yong Tau Fu & King Prawn Crispy Noodles - do check this place out if you are in the Outram area.

Gyu Kaku (Japanese)

Chijmes, #01-01, 30 Victoria Street, S(187996)
You may not be a fan of raw sushi, but you will definitely love this Japanese grill restaurant - it comes with our highest recommendation and even though it borders on the pricier end, it's worth every penny! Grill marinated wagyu beef at your table and enjoy it alongside a delicious Korean Bibimbap and a unique sesame dressed mushroom salad. This is also where Marc tried and actually liked mushrooms for the first time!

Riverside BBQ (Indonesian)

ION Orchard, #B4-03/04, 2 Orchard Turn, S(238801)
Located right in the middle of Orchard Road, deep down beneath the ION Orchard shopping mall at the Food Opera Foodcourt - lies this jewel of Indonesian BBQ artistry. The Ikan Panggang Set is a must try dish (Fish drenched in Black Sauce with Rice, Curry Sauce and Sambal). The dish's profound flavours and glorious sweetness are simply irresistable!

Burlamacco (Italian)

77 Amoy Street, S(069896)
A restaurant of classic Tuscany cuisine located in a descript shophouse along Amoy Street, this is one of the best Italian restaurants in town. It was recommended to Marc by a colleague of his, and it is our go to place for Italian every time the craving hits. Try the Linguine All'aragosta & Costato di Manzo al Porto - it's our favourite!

Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese)

Raffles City Shopping Centre, #B1-08, 252 North Bridge Road, S(179103)
If you have ever had a dimsum and loved it then this is where you need to go! Xiao Long Bao (#2501) - a pork filled steamed soup dumpling that explodes with flavour in your mouth - is what it is most famous for! Try also their Special Marinated Pork Chops & #1504. They even have their very own Chinese version of the traditional spaghetti bolognese (#3511)!

Xperience Restaurant (Fusion)

Sofitel Hotel, 35 Robinson Road, S(068876)
The name says it all - you will be in for one exciting experience! Lobster Scallop Shrimp Laksa Risotto, Foie Gras Truffle Siew Mai, Chilli Crab Tacos - it truly is fusion at its best! A plus point of this restaurant is their varying portion sizes of XS, XM & XL which allows you to try every dish on the menu if you so please!

Voilet Oon's Singapore (Fusion)

881 Bukit Timah Road, S(279893)
This peranakan food guru set up this lovely establishment serving hearty peranakan dishes with a twist. Dishes that will catch your fancy are Buah Keluak Pasta, Babi Assam, Beef Rendang & Bubor Cha Cha Pannacotta. A dish we are looking forward to trying next is "Aunty Nanny's Slow Braised Beef Cheek in a Rich Spicy Tamarind Gula Melaka Gravy and Coconut" - doesn't it just sound divine!

Lucha Loco (Mexican)

15 Duxton Hill, S(089598)
This is an ideal spot for after-work drinks North of Central Business District. You must try their Mojitos paired with a selection of their juicy spicy delicous Tacos (Pescado & Chorizo con Res) - one of the best we have had in Singapore! Tostaditas de Cangrejo were also absolutely delicious! Get a table outdoors to breathe in fully the restaurant's invigourating summer night's vibes.

Rider's Cafe (Western Brunch)

51 Fairways Drive, S(286965)
Nestled away from the buzz of the city, Rider's Cafe is located in-situ of a number of horse stables and close by to a race turf. The black and white colonial building is a popular place for a savoury brunch, featuring everything a hungry man's or woman's stomach might crave - definitely can recommend the Pulled Pork Sandwich! The dish that keeps everyone coming back for is the "Death by Chocolate Cake". Tempting much?

Sabai Fine Thai (Thai)

Customs House, #01-02, 70 Collyer Quay, S(049323)
This is our favourite Thai place in Singapore and seated at the right corner, it offers a fantastic view of the Bay and the Marina Bay Sands. Though all the dishes served here are completely authentic and rich in flavour, we must recommend one dish off the vegetarian menu - Fried Beancurd Skin with Sweet Chilli Sauce - an absolute must try. Don't forget to end off with some Sweet Mango Sticky Rice!


Sights to See

Singapore offers a wide range of cuisines and you can make your stomach happy for a mere $4 in a Hawker Centre or during a lavish multiple-course fine cuisine dinner. Below are a few selected suggestions from our list of most favourite places to eat! Many of our visitors have not regretted that we took them there:)

Singapore Zoo (North)

The world's best rainforest zoo, the Singapore Zoo has been known to have among the most beautiful settings in the world. Visit during the day-time with kids (or without!) to experience a wide range of tropical animals and guest stars from all over the world (orangutans, pandas, white tigers, polar bears, koala bears, penguins etc.). There are also many shows you wouldn't want to miss.

Night Safari (North, near the Zoo)

First and only experience of this kind in the world - go see the animals during bedtime and catch them out and about on their night prowl! Convenient guide-led trams will carry you around through the safari - but make sure you venture out and explore the various paths through the nightly jungle on foot!

Resorts World Aquarium
(South, Sentosa Island)

Go see the largest Aquarium front of the world (even bigger than the one in Dubai Mall) and watch manta rays and sharks swimming about. There are different species of fishes and other sea life on display in their nicely decorated "natural" habitats and there is also a lot to learn!

Orchard Road (Central)

Singapore is one of Asia's top shopping destinations and Orchard Road is at the very heart of it. Anything is available here and shopping malls (air-conditioned!) line both sides of the street from Penang Road all the way to Grange Road.

Singapore National Museum (Central)

The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in Singapore. A one stop destination to learn all about Singapore's young history and rich culture. The building itself is impressive and worth seeing for that alone!

Peranakan Museum (Central)

If the melting pot of cultures in Singapore intrigues you, then the Peranakan Museum is definitely a must-visit. The museum offers a fascinating insight into the development of the Peranakan culture, unique to Southeast Asia.

Botanical Gardens (Central)

In the midst of tall skyscrapers, Singapore's first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site nomination is a wealth of greenery for the nature lovers. Take a stroll through the gardens and don't miss out on the National Orchid Garden housing more than 1000 species of orchids - Singapore's national flower.

Universal Studios & Adventure Cove (South, Sentosa Island)

If you are seeking thrill, these are the places for you! Rollercoasters and Movie-themed rides await you at Universal Studios. Get the chance to even Meet & Greet with Universal Studios favourite characters - Shrek, Transformers, Mummies, Elmo, even the Penguins from Madagascar! Alternatively, beat the heat with an afternoon at the Adventure Cove Waterpark. There are 7 thrilling water rides for the thrill seekers and a lesuirely ride down the Adventure River that drifts past 14 stunning habitats and under a tunnel of sea life marine!


Exploration Trails of Singapore

Explore Singapore on foot is the best way of getting a real feel for the diversity of the lion city!

Macritchie Reservoir - Discover the green parts of Singapore, Nature Trail

For Nature lovers or the ones who just would like to escape the buzzing city life of Singapore, there are a number of options in one of the greenest cities of this planet. Who would have known that Singapore is home to the only primary urban rainforest aside of Rio?
The main rainforest areas are right smack in the middle of the island and the best way to explore is to go to MacRitchie Reservoir main entrance (Thomson Road) and walk alongside the serene reservoir on planks of wood or in the forest towards the West. Once you reach the fringes of the Singapore Island Country Club's Golf Course after 3.5 km, continue along the reservoir and shortly you will be at the Top Tree Walk (a walk 25m above ground in the canopies of the mighty tropical trees). Once you have made your escape from the friendly monkeys that inhabitat these forests, from the exit of the Tree Top Walk it is around 2.5 km back to civilisation (follow the signs to the exit).
Disclaimer: Do not underestimate Singapore's heat and humidity especially during such hiking activities. Please bring enough water and a small snack, and cash for a cab fare back.

Sentosa - Sun, Sand and Sea!

Sentosa offers a great deal of attractions and is only a short distance away from the Central Business District. You can walk onto the island, take the monorail ($4) from Vivocity or take a cab. Once you have arrived on the Island, alight at the "Waterfront" station. From there you can access Universal Studios, the Aquarium or Adventure Cove Water Park (see under "Sights to See"). If you are already hungry, there are lots of places to eat - most recommendable is the Malaysian Food Street which offers delicious dishes from our big neighbour in the North.
Follow the signs and a short stroll up the escalators will bring you deeper into Sentosa.(alternatively you can hop on the monorail again down to Imbiah Station) A first remarkable sight is the 37ft tall Merlion, Singapore's mythical mascott creature. From the Merlion you can go up further to Imbiah Lookout where you can visit Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum and the Images of Singapore where you can discover the colourful story of the lion city. You can also board The Luge which will get you down to Siloso Beach in no time, riding on go-carts downhill.
An alternative way to Siloso Beach is a walk that leads from the Merlion through a colourful Gaudí-esque trailing fountain. By the beach there are a number of relaxing restaurants and funky beach bars to end off your day at Sentosa. You might also walk to take a dip in the South China Sea, which is entirely up to you if you'll enjoy your swim in front of a backdrop of anchoring ships.
If you want to experience the more upmarket side of Sentosa, take a cab down to Sentosa Cove and you will think you are in Monaco instead. Plenty of great restaurants there right by the yachts!
Fun fact: Before Sentosa became Singapore playground, it was known as "Pulau Belakang Mati" - translated from Malay to mean "Death Behind the Island", referring to the Island's function as a killing site during the Japanese Occupation.

Marina Bay/Central Business District - The posher side of Singapore

Singapore is often referred to as extremely clean and nowhere is it more apparent than here. The tallest skyscrapers are to be found here and also some of the most iconic buildings dating back to the colonial times.
This walk is best started before sunset at Raffles Place at which the tallest building of Singapore to date stands at address no. 1. One Raffles Place is an office building which hosts the world's highest al fresco roof top bar 1-Altitude with stunning views of almost the entire city state. The entry fee of SGD 30 includes a cocktail (try the Singapore Sling!). For those who would like to enjoy a similar view at a lower price, consider the Italian restaurant/bar Zafferano located right opposite in the Ocean Financial Centre.
After the sun has set, it is time to move on to exploring the ground. Take a stroll over to the Singapore River from where you can walk towards Fullerton Hotel, once home to the Central Post Office. Enter their impressive foyer through the main door and head down to level -1, which offers a historical pathway underground towards the bay (alternatively, you can start the "Quay Tour" from here). On the other side, resurfacing, you will be in awe of the sight which presents you.
From here, you can then head left to greet the Merlion and traverse over to Esplanade (if you are lucky you might be able to enjoy one of their many free concerts/cultural performances on their outdoor stage) or you can turn right and take a short walk to the preserved Customs House and fancy Fullerton Bay Hotel (which used to serve as the main pier of the Singapore river) that now houses many restaurants and bars.
Either direction leads you to the star of the tour - the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Enter through the impressive MBS Mall, shop around if you reach before 10pm, and make your way into the Casino if you feel lucky or head up to the top for stunning views beside the infinity pool. If you can still walk, our favourite last stop on this tour is the Gardens by the Bay - a multi-billion dollar project which reminds of the movie Avatar with its colourful canopy "trees".
Disclaimer: Avoid wearing flip-flops and short trousers on this tour as many establishments will refuse entry. If you would like to enter the casino, do bring your passport along!

Quay Tour - Cry Me a River

Coming from Raffles Place, head over to the Singapore River from where you can walk to the left (upstream) towards Boat Quay. This is where bankers and insurance brokers shake hands and spend hours doing "business" on normal work days as well as after-hours Friday night drinks. It is a busy quay frequented alike by locals and tourists which come here to spend a nice evening by the Singapore river. There are Bum Boats for just a few dollars roaming up and down the river, but a walk will do you good. Boat Quay has a long history as a port and boasts well conserved shop houses, similar to Clarke Quay further upstream.
A walk there takes only a few minutes and soon you are at the most vibrant quay of the Singapore river. Clarke Quay is buzzing with music, bars and entertainment of various kind on both sides of the river. A good place to die Sau rauslassen! Even further toward the source of the river is the more laid back Robertson Quay, lined with restaurants and wine bars at night and brunch/coffee places during the day. We like Toby's estate for brunch, Z'en restaurant for Sushi and you can even have Raclette there at Wine Connection.
Fun fact: Try the G-Max Reverse Bungy at Clarke Quay - it will probably be the scariest thing you've ever done (yes it is more scary than a rollercoaster!).

Chinatown - Little India - Arab Street - A Tale of Three Cultures

A tour of Singapore is not complete unless you have seen all three sides of its origin.
Start from Chinatown at the People's Park Complex (PCC) which is right attached to the Chinatown MRT station. You are now in the midst of the most traditionally Chinese part of Singapore! The PPC is one of the oldest malls of Singapore which is worth exploring. Exit PPC at the side onto Eu Tong Sen Street, cross the overhead bridge and make your way down to the Wet Market of the Chinatown Complex. Explore the variety of Chinese cuisine ingredients and you will be surprised of what you will find here - definitely worth the visit! Next stop is the Buddha's Tooth Relic Temple - a large Chinese temple complex which you can't miss. After this, allow yourself to shop around in the plentiful street side shops of Chinatown - a lantern, a Chinese fan, chopsticks or some crazy new gadget from China might catch your fancy.
To get to Little India, board the MRT Purple Line towards Punggol and exit at the Little India station. Exit at Tekka Market and you will be greeted with smells of spices in the air! Explore the colourful clothing stores at level 2 and munch away on some Chicken Biryani at the food court if you are hungry by now and extinguish the fire in your throat with some Chendol drink. Then, take time to walk up and down the sidestreets of Serangoon road - you'll be amazed to see how different this part of Singapore feels! This is really the charm of Little India! There are a few sights nevertheless worthy to visit: the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, where you might be lucky to witness an ongoing procession, or the Mustafa Centre - a 24hr shopping complex where you can find a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g! Make sure you head down to the Gold/Jewellery department, it is quite a sight!
Next stop, Arab Street. If you are not too tired from walking yet (alternatively it is a quick 5 minutes taxi drive down), make your way down Syed Alwi Road, leading into Jalan Sultan until you reach North Bridge Road - you won't be able to miss the grand Mosque Masjid Sultan (can be visited before 4pm). Explore Arab Street with its lovely Turkish and Arabian cafes and restaurants and have some fatoush, hummus and tabouleh to relax after the tour and breathe in the atmosphere of this unique spot.
Disclaimer: When in PPC, it will seem like a great idea (and cheap!) to get a back/shoulder massage. We can confirm from experience that it is not necessarily the best idea as the strength of the (often male) masseuses will be an experience on its own!